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French Casement Windows In Bedfordshire

At P&M Windows, we partner with industry leading manufacturers to bring high performing uPVC french casement windows to our homeowners in Luton, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire & surrounding areas.

French casement windows add a timeless charm to any style of property, whether traditional or contemporary. With their classical design, these beautiful windows have been homeowners’ popular and secure choice for generations. Our windows are built to last for decades and enhance your property’s functionality and thermal efficiency.

We offer a comprehensive range of high performing double glazing with french casement windows to ensure your home stays warm and cosy all year round. Our french windows can open outwards to let fresh air inside and improve ventilation throughout the property. When you choose our windows, you benefit from an impressive warranty and enjoy peace of mind knowing you have made a sound and worthwhile investment.

French Casement Window Design

Our french casement windows range offers various customisations and configuration options to enable homeowners to tailor their new windows to complement their style and needs.

You can choose from a wide range of glazing styles, handles, finishes and colours to create your ideal windows.

Colour Options

The undeniable charm of french casement windows will enhance further with bespoke colours and a wide range of finishes.

Find the perfect match with our colour palette, including White, Ivory, Golden Oak, Chartwell Green, Dark Blue, and Cedarwood.

Use our free online quoting engine today, and our friendly team members will share a bespoke quote tailored to your specific needs.

How to install a Liniar uPVC window

Not all PVCu windows are the same – and Liniar’s innovative, energy efficient windows are designed to be simple to install. This video has been created to help window installers to fit a Liniar ...

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French Casement Window Colour Options

Liniar Casement Windows
Liniar Sliding Sash Windows
Liniar Sliding Sash Windows
Liniar Casement Windows
Liniar Casement Windows
Liniar Sliding Sash Windows
Liniar Sliding Sash Windows
Liniar Sliding Sash Windows
Liniar Casement Windows
Chartwell Green
Irish Oak
Golden Oak

Product Features

Exceptional Security

At P&M, we prioritise the security and durability of our home improvement solutions. When you choose our double glazed french casement windows for your lovely Luton home, expect outstanding security and lost lasting solution.

A+ Energy Rated

We work with market leading manufacturers to bring technologically advanced solutions; our double glazed french casement windows will provide your home unmatched thermal insulation. These windows are capable of achieving an impressive WER energy rating of A+ - the very best in the market.

Superior Weather Protection

Our uPVC profiles are built to withstand the harshest weather conditions without experiencing any rot, mould, leak or cracks. We ensure that our french casement windows keep your home protected against chilly draughts and torrential rain.

Advanced Hardware

Every window we install has undergone stringent security checks and assessments to ensure its robustness and strength. We pride ourselves on installing windows with ultimate protection features.

Energy Efficient

We understand that with rising energy costs in the UK, homeowners are looking for ways to reduce their energy consumption. Our double glazed french casement windows are designed to retain the heat inside and reduce dependency on heating devices, keeping your home naturally warm and comfortable.

Slim Sightlines

Our uPVC french casement windows benefit from sleek profiles and create slim sightlines and clear views. Less frame area allows for large scale glazing, improving the natural flow of light.

Glass Options

windows dunstable leighton buzzard
windows dunstable leighton buzzard
windows dunstable leighton buzzard
windows dunstable leighton buzzard
Charcoal Sticks™
windows dunstable leighton buzzard
windows dunstable leighton buzzard
windows dunstable leighton buzzard
windows dunstable leighton buzzard
windows dunstable leighton buzzard
windows dunstable leighton buzzard
windows dunstable leighton buzzard
windows dunstable leighton buzzard
windows dunstable leighton buzzard
windows dunstable leighton buzzard
windows dunstable leighton buzzard
windows dunstable leighton buzzard
windows dunstable leighton buzzard
windows dunstable leighton buzzard

Benefits of Liniar

All Liniar Products are Made in Britain

Made In Britain

All our Liniar windows and doors are manufactured right here in Britain. When you choose our products, you can be assured of a quality, British design.

Thermally Efficient Windows

Energy Efficient

Featuring a multi-chambered uPVC profile, our Liniar uPVC windows and doors offer high levels of thermal insulation. They are designed to keep heat inside the home where it belongs.

Cost Effective Casement Windows

Save Money

Our uPVC Liniar windows and doors are very cost effective. Capable of achieving A+ energy ratings, they can help your home retain more heat and save you money on those costly energy bills over time.

Better for the Environment


Our Liniar profiles are 100% lead free, meaning they are a better choice for you and your family. They are also fully recyclable, giving you an eco-friendlier home.

Keep Heat Inside

Thermally Efficient

A six-chamber uPVC profile helps you to contain and conserve more heath within your property.

High Security

Strong & Secure

High security locking systems are fitted as standard for a safer and more secure home. Our windows and doors have also been independently tested and carry the PAS:24 2012 accreditation.

Less Frame, More Glass

Slim Sightlines

Our Liniar windows and doors are designed with less frame and more glass, giving you enhanced light and views.

Triple Glazing

Triple Glazing

Designed to accommodate energy saving triple glazing, our profiles are capable of achieving a U-Value of 0.8.

Low Maintenance

Low maintenance

Your Liniar windows and doors will never rot, rust or need re-painting. Their profiles are made for a lasting performance.

Consumer choice

Colours & Finishes

Choose from a wide range of window and door accessories, along with a beautiful range of colours and finishes.

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French Casement Window Prices in Bedfordshire

If you’re looking for competitive window prices in Bedfordshire, you’ve come to the right place. At P&M Window, we have a beautiful collection of high quality french casement windows that will instantly transform the function and aesthetics of your property.

We offer affordable home improvement solution quotes, so whatever your budget, we can help tailor your prices. Use our online quoting engine and receive a free online quote. Enter your details and get a personalised price within minutes.

If you have any questions regarding your home renovation or new build project, you can call us on 01582 585 417 or send us your queries via our online contact form

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