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Windows and Doors Hitchin

Local Installers of Windows and Doors in Hitchin

Windows and Doors Hitchin

P&M Windows Install Top Quality Windows and Doors in Hitchin

There’s plenty of reasons to visit the busy market town of Hitchin. The British Schools Museum, for example, the weekly markets, or the picturesque shopping courtyards. For the P&M Windows team, though, the major attractions are the double glazed doors and windows we’ve installed in the town over the last two decades.

Whenever we’re in the area, we like to check on our previous installations to see how they look after a few years of weathering. We haven’t yet found a window or door we’ve installed that looks the worse for wear! This delights us because we promise our clients top quality installations, and Hitchin is living proof that we deliver on that promise.

What is a Top Quality Window or Door Installation?

A local business simply can’t afford to be providing their client with anything less than the best. That’s why we source all our doors and windows installations for Hitchin from Liniar. They’re a British business that’s considered to be at the forefront of research, development and the manufacture of double glazed products. Liniar double glazing features include:

  • Energy Efficiency. Liniar windows and doors a WER A+ rating, and a U value of 1.2. WER refers to ‘Window Energy Rating’ and A+ is the top of the scale, guaranteeing excellent energy efficiency in your home.
  • Cost Effective. The better the energy efficiency of your installation, the greater the saving on your energy bills. This is because your heating is used efficiently, and there is no heat leakage due to excellent seals.
  • Eco-Friendly. As well as reducing your carbon footprint, Liniar windows are made from materials that will last 35 years at least, and can then be recycled up to 10 times. This gives our window and door installations a 350 year lifespan.

uPVC Doors and Window Frames

Whatever the age, architectural style, or size of your property, you’ll find a uPVC door or window that is perfect. There are now a huge range of styles, colours and finishes, making uPVC the most flexible and durable installation material. It’s also a slow conductor of heat, which acts as an enhancement of your double glazing. Best of all, uPVC won’t fade, rot, or deteriorate – and it needs only the lightest maintenance to keep it looking as good as new,

P&M Windows and Doors in Hitchin

Whether you’re looking for contemporary or period, traditional or retro, you’ll find something to catch your eye in our range of double glazing installations:



P&M Windows Provides Local Installation Services

We’re a family business that’s built our sales network, mostly by word-of-mouth over the past couple of decades. We pride ourselves on offering a local, personalised service with high standards of craftsmanship and extremely competitive prices. Hitchin window fitters are happy to visit your property, offer expert advice on your installation, and provide a free no obligation quotation.

If you’re looking for high quality double glazing windows and doors in Hitchin, contact P&M Windows on 01582 585417 for a free no obligation quote.