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uPVC Windows St Albans

Local Installers of uPVC Windows in St Albans

upvc windows st albans

Local Installers of uPVC Windows in St Albans

St Albans is a beautiful city to drive through, and we like to think that – in our small way – we’ve added to the style and elegance of its general demeanour. Of course we’re biased, but seeing our stylish range of uPVC windows in period, contemporary and new build homes across the city always reminds us why we’re passionate about what we do!

Why We Recommend uPVC Windows in St Albans

They’re simply the best value windows on the market, and they have been for a good while now. uPVC frames offer excellent insulation, a great range of designs, and they’re very low maintenance. The P&M Windows team have been installing them for over a decade and they still look as good as new. All that, and they’re our most competitively priced product range!

What is uPVC?

Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) is a plastic powder which is heated in order to be moulded into window frames. It’s an extremely durable material, and uPVC window frames are guaranteed to last at least 35 years. Once decommissioned, the material can be recycled up to 10 times, making it an extraordinarily sustainable material.

uPVC St Albans Window Fitters

At P&M Windows our focus is always on providing our St Albans clients with the very best insulating materials for their double glazed windows. uPVC is a particularly good material for double, or triple glazing because it’s a low conductor of heat. This makes it an excellent barrier to heat loss which, when allied to high quality windows, provides excellent insulation for your home.

A Water Proof Window Frame

For peace of mind, when it comes to keeping the bad weather out, uPVC windows can’t be beaten. The frames can take exposure to the most extreme weather conditions and emerge unaffected. They won’t swell, crack, leak or warp. In fact, uPVC is the material that you can install and then trust to do an all round excellent job for the next three decades.

uPVC Windows Save You Money on Your Heating Bills

Up to 30% of your heat escapes through your windows, so choosing your double glazing carefully can save you money. Fitting high quality glazing, set within an an insulating frame, immediately improves the quality of your domestic heating. The uPVC windows we fit have an A+ energy rating placing them at the ‘most efficient’ end of the scale.

A Great Range of Styles to Choose From

At one time uPVC windows only came in white, and a limited range of styles. Over the past decade, however, the style and colour range has expanded rapidly.

The P&M Windows range includes:

Why Choose P&M Windows for St Albans Windows?

We’re local uPVC window fitters with a reputation that we’ve built up over the past 15 years. We’ll always deal personally with our St Albans clients, which means we’re happy to visit your home in order to be able to offer informed advice and guidance. And we’ll provide a free no obligation quote. Our team is highly skilled and has worked together for over a decade. Best of all, we offer extremely competitive pricing on all our installations.

If you’re thinking of installing new or replacement uPVC windows in St Albans, call P&M Windows for a quote, or to talk through the range of windows we offer.