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uPVC Windows Harpenden

P&M Windows Fit uPVC Windows in Harpenden

upvc windows harpenden

P&M Windows Fit uPVC Windows in Harpenden

Harpenden does a magnificent job of looking and feeling like a village, whilst actually being the size of a town. It’s also a terrifically friendly place, and the coffee shops are great! We’re always delighted to be working in the area. Especially as a drive through the town allows us to check up on some of our uPVC windows that have been in place for a while now. It gives us a surge of pride to see them looking as good 5-10 years on as they did the day we fitted them.

Why Recommend uPVC Windows?

We always tell clients that, despite being the most competitively priced window range we offer, uPVC windows are amongst our top performers. Why? First of all, they last at least 35 years, and probably closer to 50. Second, they stay looking good-as-new with only the lightest of regular maintenance. Finally, there are window styles, colours and textures to suit every kind of Harpenden property.

What is uPVC?

The proper name for this substance is quite a mouthful! Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride is a plastic powder. More specifically, it’s a vinyl polymer bound to chlorine atoms which, when heated, can be moulded to create window frames which are as strong as steel. It’s also incredibly durable. The material can be recycled up to 10 times which gives it a lifespan of 350 years!

uPVC Windows Harpenden Saves Energy and Lowers Bills

The other reason why uPVC is so well suited to the creation of frames for double glazing is that it’s a very poor conductor of heat. It works to enhance the energy saving qualities of a double glazing installation, therefore. The heat doesn’t escape in the winter, nor does the heat creep in during the summer. UPVC windows help to create the perfect micro-climate for your home.

uPVC is also good news for keeping your heating bills down. In poorly glazed properties, up to 30% of the heat escapes through the windows. By maintaining and effective defence to heat loss, your heating system runs more efficiently. There’s also less need to keep adjusting the thermostat, which means your boiler doesn’t have to work so hard. The uPVC windows we fit have an energy rating of A+ which places them at the ‘most efficient’ end of the scale.

Weather-Proof and Secure Windows

uPVC doesn’t warp, swell or rot which means it’s the best weather-proofing you can find. The frames have been tested in pretty much every weather condition and they emerge unaffected. Our double glazing installations also give your household an extra layer of security. The two panes of glaze are virtually impossible to penetrate, and the frames come with high quality locks.

A Range of Styles for uPVC Windows in Harpenden

If you bought uPVC back in the 1980s the frames would have been white and chunky, with no alternative options. UPVC has come a long way since then. The contemporary range of styles, colours and textures are perfect for period, retro, contemporary and new build homes. The P&M Windows range includes:

Why Choose P&M Windows Harpenden Double Glazing?

We’re a local double glazing company with a reputation in Harpenden that we’ve grown, largely by word-of-mouth, over the last 15 years. We recognise that fitting uPVC windows is a huge investment for families, so we work with you to achieve the best possible outcome. We’ll visit your home to offer informed advice and a free no obligation quote, or you can get an instant quote on our website.

If you’re thinking of installing uPVC windows in Harpenden, call P&M Windows on 01582 585417 for a quote on new or replacement windows, or to talk through the styles we offer