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Tiled Roof Conservatory

Considering a Tiled Roof Conservatory?

Tiled Roof Conservatory

Considering a Tiled Roof Conservatory?

One of the ways that we Brits talk ourselves out of having a conservatory installed is by remembering how the British summer actually works. We’re either wilting in heat that makes us run for the shade, or shivering in temperatures we thought only belonged in November. Then there’s the long British winter to consider. Is a conservatory worth having if you can only use it 4 months each year?

Use Your Tiled Roof Conservatory All Year Round

The ideal conservatory is one that doesn’t overheat in the summer, or prove too cold to use in the winter. And that’s exactly what a tiled conservatory roof offers. The P&M team  have installed a number of these over the past few years, and our clients are always delighted by the look of the tiled roof, and the benefits that accrue from it.

3 Benefits of a Tiled Roof Conservatory

  1. Improved Thermal Insulation. A tiled roof does away with the glazing bars required by glass or polycarbonate roofing. This immediately cuts down on drafts, and the potential for cold air to seep through. A tiled roof is a solid structure that shields family and friends from the sun in the summer, and contains warm air in the winter.
  2. Easy Maintenance. A glazed roof is subject to cracks and weather damage. By contrast, the tiled roof with withstand whatever the conditions our British weather throws at it. And, it doesn’t need regular cleaning, as glass does, to keep it looking good. A tiled roof will last you decades and continue looking good, throughout.
  3. An All-Year Room. One of the major advantages of a conservatory installation is the extra space it gives you. Once you’ve experienced having an extra room to enjoy, you certainly won’t want to give it up during the winter. A fully glazed structure can be hard to heat, but a tiled roof conservatory contains the heat when it’s chilly outside.

Is Planning Permission Required for a Tiled Roof Conservatory?

In the majority of cases, planning permission is not required for a tiled roof conservatory. This kind of structure falls under ‘permitted development’, so long as the placement and size don’t breach planning permission regulations. P&M Windows fits the Guardian tiled roof which is the only conservatory roof system which is fully approved by the Local Authority Building Control (LABC).

P&M Windows are Experienced Conservatory Installers

Whether you’re looking for a conservatory installation complete with a tiled roof, or you want a tiled roof retro-fitted to your existing conservatory, we’ll do the work fast and efficiently. Our roofs can be installed onto Edwardian, Victorian, gabled ended, lean-tos, p-shaped structures or orangeries. P&M Windows’ conservatory installers are professionals who guarantee excellent quality and design, without turning your house upside-down for months.

A Local Conservatory Installation Business

P&M Windows  is a local family business, committed to providing personal service, second-to-none standards, and competitive pricing. We’re always happy to visit clients’ homes in order to measure up, or offer advice on conservatory roofing options. We’ve built ourselves an excellent reputation across Bedfordshire, and as a result, our standards are exceptionally high in order to maintain it.

Thinking of installing a tiled roof conservatory? P&M Windows are local conservatory installers with a great reputation for standards and service. Call us today on 01582 391730


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