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Replacing Double Glazing

Thinking of Replacing Your Double Glazing?

Replacing Double Glazing

 Thinking of Replacing Your Double Glazing?

There’s 3 reasons why P&M Windows customers look to replace their double glazing:

  1. Age. The windows were fitted years ago and no longer work efficiently.
  2. Kerb Appeal. They’re thinking of moving and they want the house to stand out.
  3. Style. There’s no problem with the double glazing, but they want something different.

With the last two, the process is pretty straightforward. But where you’re looking to replace older windows, there can be a range of options to consider.

Signs That Your Double Glazing Requires Attention

Modern double glazing windows are designed to last upward of 30 years, but that hasn’t always been the case. If you’re unsure exactly how long ago your windows were installed, here are the keys signs that demonstrate they need attention:

Leaking. If water is managing to get in through your frame, it’s probably the case that your weather seal is broken.

Condensation. Where you see condensation forming between the two panes of glass, this indicates there’s a problem with the seal.

Cracks in the Glass. This needs prompt attention because it could lead to leaking, or condensation.

Draughts. A real giveaway. Double glazing stops draughts, so if you’re feeling them it’s because the window sealant is no longer working effectively.

Should You Replace Double Glazing or Repair It?

Many of our clients find it difficult to decide whether to replace or repair their double glazing. There’s so many factors to consider. If the windows were installed less than 10 years ago, you may want more value out of them. If there’s only one window showing a fault, then repair is the economically sound option.

The argument for replacement, however, is normally about upgrading your existing windows. Double glazing technology moves fast and developments even over the past 5 years could make a considerable difference to your quality of life. Whilst new windows may seem like a big investment, installing windows with greater energy efficiency could produce considerable utility savings.

P&M Windows Can Help With Your Decision…

… and we don’t use strong arm tactics! The replace or repair dilemma is exactly the sort of problem a local double glazer can help with. First of all, we’ll take a look at the problem and see how extensive it is. Then we’ll assess the age and quality of your current windows. Finally, we’ll suggest the kind of upgrade replacement windows would offer, and talk through potential savings.

The P&M Windows team is as happy to repair your windows as to replace them, so we don’t lean on customers. Instead we weigh up and assess, with them, what’s in their best interests in both the short and the long term. Sometimes it’s just a help to have someone to talk a problem through with. We’re always happy to provide a free no obligation quote for both options.

If You’re Replacing Double Glazing, Call P&M Windows

We’re a local business with a passion for high standards and excellent customer service. We’ve built our business largely on word-of-mouth recommendations, and we know how important maintaining our local reputation is.

Thinking of replacing your double glazing? Call P&M Windows, the local specialists when it comes to double glazing windows. We’re on 01582 585417