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Patio Doors Bedford

P&M Windows Fits Patio Doors in Bedford

Patio Doors Bedford

P&M Windows Fits Patio Doors in Bedford

For a while, sliding patio doors fell out of favour with discerning homeowners and many of them were replaced with stylish French doors. Driving through Bedford recently, though, the P&M Windows team were struck by the sheer number of patio doors popping up across the town. It seems that the glorious glide of a sliding door is working its magic once more in Bedford!

Whenever a style of garden door returns to favour, it always does so in style! The technology moves on, the designs are refreshed, and new materials are introduced. Given the renewed interest in this perennial favourite, we thought we’d offer a guide to the range of patio doors available to Bedfordians right now.

1. uPVC Sliding Patio Doors

uPVC sliding patio doors transform your living spaces by creating a glazed wall opening out onto the garden. The quality of light, breadth of vision, and enhanced spatial aesthetic lets the outside into your home, and makes the most of your garden. Instead of opening out, as French doors do, the sliding patio door glides noiselessly and effortlessly. Our ‘air glide’ system keeps the doors perfectly balanced to enhance the ease of movement.

2. uPVC Bi-Fold Patio Doors in Bedfordshire

These gorgeously elegant bi-fold patio doors are certainly the superstars of the new uPVC patio doors range. This market-leading design allows each door panel to be stacked back to create a clean, expansive opening. This gives the impression that you’re able to open up an entire wall of your home. It invites fresh air into your property when you want it, but offers excellent insulation during the winter months.

3. Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Aluminium bi-folds offer a stunning slimline design which enhances the line and elegance of the folding door aesthetic. 90% of the door aperture folds away when you open the doors up, giving a seamless passage between your home and its garden. Aluminium frames support insulating double glazing. This improves the energy efficiency of your home, and works to lower your energy bills.

Patio Doors in Bedford Improve Your Home’s Security

Clients occasionally ask whether patio doors are a security risk. This is a question that comes up particularly when a brick wall is being replaced with translucent glazing. All our patio door installations, whether aluminium or uPVC, can be relied up to deter burglars. The security features include high tensile steel shoot-bolts which provide additional locking points at the head and the cill.

Your Professional Installer for Patio Doors in Bedford

P&M Windows is a family business, located in the heart of Bedfordshire. We take pride in the quality and style of our patio doors in Bedford. As a local company we prioritise a personal, friendly service tailored to each individual client. We’re always happy to visit clients in their home to advise on windows or doors in Bedford, and to help with measuring up.

Thinking of installing patio doors in Bedford? P&M windows is a local installer offering a range of uPVC patio doors and bi-fold doors in Bedfordshire – 01582 391730


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