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Bedford Double Glazing Companies

How to Choose From Bedford Double Glazing Companies Finding a local double glazing company has never been simpler. Simply enter the search term ‘Bedford Double Glazing Companies’ and a whole page of them pop up….

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Composite Doors Bedford

P&M Windows Installs Composite Doors in Bedford Bedfordians tend to be particular about their front doors. We know this because the vast majority of enquiries we get about composite front doors in Bedford come off the…

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Aluminium Windows Hertfordshire

P&M Windows Install Aluminium Windows in Hertfordshire There are plenty of sights to catch the eye in the beautiful county of Hertfordshire. There’s the spectacular Roman amphitheatre in St Albans, the impressive Victorian gardens at…

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Double Glazing Hertfordshire

P&M Windows Install Double Glazing in Hertfordshire Driving through the pristine Hertfordshire countryside it’s often difficult to believe that we’re just 30 miles from London. St Albans, Hertford  and Harpenden  are favourites for commuters and it’s…

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uPVC Doors Bedford

P&M Windows Installs uPVC Doors in Bedford There’s no doubt that the handsome River Ouse rolling through the centre of Bedford is one of the best kept secrets in the county. It’s beloved of locals…

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Replacing Double Glazing

 Thinking of Replacing Your Double Glazing? There’s 3 reasons why P&M Windows customers look to replace their double glazing: Age. The windows were fitted years ago and no longer work efficiently. Kerb Appeal. They’re thinking…

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Composite Doors Letchworth

P&M Windows Installs Composite Doors in Letchworth Letchworth is unlike any other town in the UK. Why? It’s not the outcome of a committee, or government planning. Instead it’s the realisation of visionary entrepreneur Ebenezer…

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uPVC Windows Hertfordshire

 Installing uPVC Windows for Hertfordshire Clients Newcomers to Hertfordshire are likely to get to know the county by its landmarks. Like Berkhamstead Castle, the Magic Roundabout at Hemel Hempstead (one to avoid), the Roman ruins…

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Bedford Windows and Doors

Bedford Windows and Doors Installed by P&M Windows There’s two things that everyone in Bedford will tell you. The first is that Milton Keynes pinches all the best shops from the Bedford High Street. And…

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Double Glazing Toddington

P&M Windows Double Glazing Installations in Toddington If you’re looking for a Bedfordshire village with great links to Luton, Dunstable and London, Toddington’s your perfect location. There’s a traditional village green, and it’s even got…

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