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Energy Efficient Windows

energy efficient windows

As heating costs continue to rise, concerns for homeowners trying to ensure that their properties are able to stay warm and cosy without having to incur extortionate energy bills.

We here at P&M Windows believe in offering our valued customers the chance to enjoy a consistently warm and cosy interior without the need or cost of their central heating.

Our incredible range of windows offers transformative and practical benefits to any property, such as unrivalled thermal efficiency, including our uPVC Casement Windows, uPVC Tilt & Turn Windows, uPVC Sliding Sash Windows, uPVC Bow & Bay Windows, uPVC Flush Casement Windows, and Origin Aluminium Windows.

This refers to our windows’ incredible ability to trap the natural warm air found within your interior, preventing heat loss through our impenetrable profiles. This effectively insulates your home, ensuring that you can enjoy consistently warm and cosy indoor temperatures without ever having to use your central heating again.

As such, homeowners like you can easily save money and bypass the currently egregious fuel costs that are preventing you and your loved ones from enjoying comfortable interior temperatures. Our range of thermally efficient windows can be considered a worthwhile investment for both the current socio-economic climate and beyond, thanks to their outstanding ability to insulate any property and garner heat for your home passively.

thermally efficient windows

We also offer double glazed sealed units, which can help upgrade an older set of windows that are long overdue for some much need renovation. Did you know that many homeowners suffer from inadequate thermal efficiency because of outdated home improvement solutions, leading to a greater dependency on their central heating, which subsequently leads to a greater influx of energy bills, which is currently an expensive ordeal for all property owners. This is why we here at P&M Windows offer this invaluable service capable of alleviating and repairing broken window seals, cracked glass and misted windows.

P&M Windows offers highly accredited home improvement solutions that continue to surpass modern-day standards within the industry, offering the thermal performance of the future.

Our range of Liniar windows has achieved the ISO 14001 accreditation, meaning that they have been internationally recognised as a home improvement solution that provides an effective environmental management system – which is mostly due to the incredible insulative ability of our windows. This is achieved by the wealth of thermal features implemented onto the profile to ensure that our valued customers receive the very best in energy efficiency. A typical Liniar window profile will sport a bubble gasket, providing a sealed close, significantly reducing the amount of heat transfer and preventing the natural elements from entering your home. Our levels of provided thermal insulation are also further bolstered by our profile’s inclusion of spacer bars, which are used to separate the panes of glass within our windows, ensuring that there is an efficient cavity that will effectively insulate any outgoing heat trying to leave your home. But here at P&M Windows, we don’t just stop there – we also utilise thermal dams within our brilliant range of windows, offering a multi-chambered barrier against the very worst of the natural elements whilst ensuring that any possible chance of heat loss is minimised.

Our valued customers can benefit from a home improvement solution that can achieve supreme energy efficiency, capable of attaining U-values as low as 0.6 W/m²k, an energy rating of A ++  and the Passive House standard. Enjoy a cost-effective range of windows that will no doubt transform how your property performs and feels, all while still being able to save money in this uncertain energy economy and still enjoy consistent comfort.

As fuel costs continue to rise, homeowners are left with the uncomfortable choice to pay the high prices in order to ensure they can enjoy a warm property or simply deal with a cold interior. We here at P&M Windows believe that our valued customers shouldn’t have to make that choice, which is why we strongly advise property owners to invest in a home improvement solution that can consistently provide that comfort without having to worry about incurring increased fuel costs.

To find out more about our energy-efficient range of windows, simply get in touch with P&M Windows today, and a member of our friendly team will be in touch; or alternatively, you can use our FREE online quoting engine – whatever your choice, we look forward to hearing from you.

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