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Double Glazing Toddington

Looking for High Quality Double Glazing in Toddington?

Double Glazing Toddington

P&M Windows Double Glazing Installations in Toddington

If you’re looking for a Bedfordshire village with great links to Luton, Dunstable and London, Toddington’s your perfect location. There’s a traditional village green, and it’s even got its own castle! The ancient walls are long gone but legend has it that there’s a witch living in the castle mound that can be heard cooking pancakes on Shrove Tuesday!

The village also enjoys a plethora of pubs (5 at our last count), but unfortunately the P&M Windows team are always too busy working to enjoy them. We’ve installed double glazing in a number of the local properties. We always check up on our installations when we’re in the vicinity, and we’re delighted that even those fitted over a decade ago look as bright and shiny as our newer windows.

Double Glazing Has a Great Reputation in Toddington

In a village environment, people talk about their home improvements. A lot of the calls we get from Toddington come as the result of local recommendations. New customers have heard about the quality of insulation afforded by our high-quality double glazing. P&M Windows installations ensure that your heating stays inside during the winter, and outside throughout heatwave summers.

How Does Double Glazing Insulate Your Home?

Double glazed windows are made of two panes of glass with a gap of around 16mm between them. This gap is hermetically sealed and is filled either with argon gas, or dehydrated air. It’s this that gives double glazed windows their insulating properties. The heat transmission from indoors to outdoors is slowed considerably. This provides consistent heat, or cool air, inside your home.

The Range of Benefits You Can Expect From Double Glazing

Conserving the heat in your home is great news for your energy bills, but double glazing offers a range of additional benefits:

  • Noise Reduction. Toddington doesn’t have many problems with noise pollution but, even so, you’ll enjoy an exceptional depth of calm in your home with double glazing.
  • A New Layer of Security. The glass used for double glazing is ultra-tough, and then it’s doubled. It’s a great deterrent to opportunist burglars.
  • Cool in Summer. Just as double glazing keeps the heat in during the winter, it also keeps the heat out over the summers.
  • Long-Lasting. Your double glazing will continue to offer you the same level of insulation for up to 35 years. That’s a great return on your investment!
  • Eco-Friendly. Double glazing minimises the heat loss from your home, and saves you from continually adjusting your thermostat, which reduces energy usage.

Good Looking Window Frames From P&M Windows

The majority of our Toddington double glazing installations utilise uPVC window frames. These are great value, good looking, and their chambered design enhances the insulation provided by the windows. We also fit aluminium frames. Given the range we offer, no matter the age or style of your property, P&M Windows will have a perfect frame for you:

Looking for a Local Toddington Double Glazing Installer?

P&M Windows is a family business that’s been working in and around Toddington for over a decade, now. As a local company we’ll go the extra mile to offer high quality products and services to our customers. We’re happy to help with measuring up your home for double glazing, and offering advice on the kind of windows to install. We offer free no obligation quotations, and guarantee transparent pricing.

If you’re thinking of fitting double glazing in Toddington, call P&M Windows for a FREE no obligation quote today, on 01582 585 417