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Double Glazing St Albans

Looking for High Quality Double Glazing in St Albans?

Double Glazing St Albans

P&M Windows Installs Double Glazing in St Albans

Working in St Albans is always something of an event for the P&M Windows installation team. It’s a handsome city that wears its past proudly, whether it’s the ancient Roman theatre, the oldest pub in England, or the medieval Abbey Gateway. We like to think that the more contemporary additions we’ve made to the city, in the form of double glazed window installations, sit easily beside such rich historic artefacts.

Truth is, our double glazed windows have as much of a story to tell about heating our homes efficiently as the Roman hypocaust that heated the townspeople’s villas. And like the ancient underfloor heating, they’re designed to last! As we drive through the city we’re always on the look out for our handiwork. We like to check out how well our windows are standing the test of time for contemporary citizens of Verulamium.

Why Invest in Double Glazing for Your Home?

As windows installers in St Albans we’re often asked whether double glazing is worth the money you pay for it. We always ask homeowners to think of double glazing as an energy efficient investment, rather than a one-off cost. From the moment it’s installed, you’ll start to notice the impact it has on the efficiency of your heating system. Year-on-year your double glazing will save you money on your household bills.

Double glazing is made up of two panes of glass with a space measuring around 16mm between them. This gap is filled with argon gas, or with air, in order to form an insulating barrier. The heat you generate inside your house during the winter remains inside, thanks to your windows. Then in the summer, your double glazed windows keeps the heat outside whilst the interior remains cool.

Double Glazed Windows Keep Your Heat Constant

There’s one piece of feedback we hear again and again from our St Albans customers. They tell us that once the thermostat temperature is reached, with double glazing installed, it maintains. This means that your boiler’s not having to work so hard, and that your indoor temperatures can be relied upon without constantly re-adjusting the thermostat. Ultimately, of course, it keeps your heating bills down.

Double Glazing in St Albans Offers a Range of Benefits

Double glazing makes our work as a St Albans window installer extremely easy. Because there are so many benefits to their installation:

Noise Reduction: As an effective insulating agent, double glazing helps to keep noise at bay. If you live on a busy street, you’ll notice an immediate difference in the serenity of your home.

Enhanced Security: Double glazing is extremely tough. It’s almost impossible to break or penetrate it. It’s an excellent additional defensive layer for your home, therefore.

Long Lasting and Low Maintenance: Once the installation is complete, you can forget about it for at least 35 years, and the high-quality glass makes it easy to keep clean.

Eco-Friendly: The durability and enhanced insulation provided by double glazed windows makes them a sustainable solution for your home.

Double Glazing Company for St Albans

P&M Windows offers a fantastic range of frames for your double glazing installation. No matter the age, style or design of your property we’re likely to have something to your taste. Take a quick look at what we can offer:

We’ve been a recommended St Albans window installer for close on two decades now. As a family-run business we believe in offering a customer-centred service, with very high standards of skill and professionalism. From the moment you ring us, we do everything we can to help, including measuring up your windows for you.

Thinking of installing double glazing in St Albans? Give P&M Windows a call on 01582 585 417 for a FREE no obligation quote, or to talk about our services.