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Double Glazing Services for Hitchin

P&M Windows Provides Double Glazing Services for Hitchin

double glazing services for Hitchin

P&M Windows Provides Double Glazing Services for Hitchin

Hitchin is a thriving market town which certainly knows how to deliver for its residents and visitors. Most small towns are lucky to still have a theatre; Hitchin has two. Hitchin’s parish church is twice the size you’d expect. It’s home to the unique British School’s Museum. And it was the location for Girton College, the first university college for women, back in 1869. Oh, and there’s some pretty impressive double glazing on show, which is always the major attraction for the P&M Windows team.

We’re in Hitchin pretty regularly and it’s a point of pride that we check out the installations we’ve put in over the years. We’re also interested in how they stand the test of time. It’s great to be able to report, therefore, that even double glazing that was installed over a decade ago, looks as good now as it did back then.

double glazing services for Hitchin

Double Glazing Saves on Household Bills

Despite our annual moans on the subject, energy costs continue to go up, year on year. Which means that using less energy is key to keeping bills down. Double glazing offers an extra layer of insulation for your home. Its secure seal keeps heat in during the winter months, and ensures that your interiors stay cool in the summer.

How Double Glazing Works

Double glazing comprises two panes of glass with a gap between of around 16mm. The gap is important to its functioning and it can either be filled with air, or with a gas called argon. This is what forms to effective insulation which is so important to your utility bills. At P&M Windows we offer enhanced insulation by installing uPVC frames. They are designed to be a poor conductor of heat, which puts a ‘second lock’ on the warmth in your home.

Heating Remains Constant With Double Glazing

Insulation not only stops heat leaking, it also allows your heating system to work as it’s meant to. Once your home reaches its ideal temperature, the heat will remain constant. This saves you from having to adjust your thermostat constantly, and it retains heat efficiently, even if your heating’s off. This is obviously good news for your energy consumption, and it reduces your carbon footprint.

P&M Windows for Hitchin Double Glazing Installations

Despite the range of property period and style in Hitchin, P&M Windows is confident that we’ll have the uPVC frames that are right for your home. Our double glazed windows come in a variety of styles and finishes. So, whether you’re looking for contemporary, period, urban or rural, we’re sure to have a perfect match for your home.

Our windows range includes:

Looking for a Double Glazing Services in Hitchin?

P&M Windows has been offering double glazing installation in Hertfordshire for the past two decades. We’re a local, family-run business, and we set ourselves the goal of offering a personalised service to our clients. That means we’ll help with measuring up, and offer guidance on your double glazing installation. We always provide free no obligation quotes.

P&M Windows provides high quality double glazing services in Hitchin. We’re a family business, offering local installation and a FREE no obligation quote.


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