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Double Glazing Repairs Bedford

P&M Windows Offer Double Glazing Repairs in Bedford

Double Glazing Repairs Bedford

P&M Windows Offer Double Glazing Repairs in Bedford

If your double glazing is starting to ‘fog’ or ‘mist’, it’s a sign that your seal is faulty. The P&M team always keeps an eye open for these tell-tale signs as we drive through Bedford. Our first instinct, of course, is to leap into action – but until we’re contacted we can’t do a thing. We’re often amazed at the length of time it can take for people to repair broken seals – because the solution is relatively simple, and it can work out cheaper than replacing your double glazing.

What Causes Broken Seals?

Double glazing comprises two sheets of sealed glass with a void in-between. This empty space forms an insulating vacuum which may contain argon, an inert gas. If the seal goes, then the void fills with air and water vapour starts to condense inside the glass.

There are a number of reasons why this might occur:

  • Wear & Tear. The glass in your double glazing contracts and expands with changes in the external and internal temperature. Over time this natural process can cause the seal to become loose and the seal ceases to work effectively.
  • Abrasive Cleaning Materials. The consistent use of harsh, chemical cleaning materials can wear away the seal on your double glazing. If you have uPVC frames, soapy water is all you need to keep them looking good as new, and to extend the life of your seal.
  • Faulty Installation. It could be that your seal was poorly installed in the first place. At P&M Windows we always recommend that clients ensure their double glazing installation is fully guaranteed, and accompanied with a FENSA  certificate.

Double Glazing Repairs for Broken Seals in Bedford

The P&M Windows team will always carry out a detailed audit on your double glazing, before making promises about the repairs we can make. If we are able to repair the double glazing unit, without reducing the effectiveness of your system as a whole, we will offer a free, no obligation quote for doing so.

Sometimes the option to repair a double glazing unit simply isn’t cost effective, because the overall quality of the system needs to be upgraded. If this is the case, we’ll be honest about our assessment and explain our findings.

A Range of Double Glazing Repairs

P&M Windows is a family business based in Bedfordshire. We install high quality double glazing in Bedford and, over the years, we’ve built a reputation for being the ‘go to’ local provider. Unlike the bigger companies, we’re able to offer a personal, friendly service which puts our customers first.

We’re regularly contacted by customers for repairs to window and door handles, locks and window and door accessories. We’ll always respond to clients in Bedford, whether or not we installed your double glazing. If we’re able to offer repairs on your uPVC windows or doors we’ll do so promptly and efficiently.

Need double glazing repairs in Bedford? Call P&M Windows on 01582 391730 – we’ll assess the problem and offer a prompt and effective repair solution.


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