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Double Glazing Letchworth

Looking for High Quality Double Glazing in Letchworth?

Double Glazing Letchworth

Looking for High Quality Double Glazing in Letchworth?

There’s plenty to catch the eye in Letchworth. The UK’s first roundabout for example. Or the art deco Spirella Factory. Then there’s the elegant Broadway crowned by Letchworth’s 1936 cinema. Philistines that we are, though, the P&M Windows team tends to get far too distracted by windows and doors we’ve installed in the town, to have eyes for anything else!

Truth be told, we always check up on our installations if we’re working nearby. It’s only natural to take pride in your handiwork, but we’re always interested in how well our windows and doors are weathering. There are now a number of installations that we completed over a decade ago, and we’re delighted to report that they still look as good as new!

Double Glazing Helps to Keep Household Bills Down

Energy costs have gone up again this year, which is why preserving the heat in your home is important. The number one benefit of installing double glazing is the insulation it provides for your home. So the heat stays in during the winter, and the remains outside in the summer. And having a powerful insulator also keeps street sounds out of your house, too.

How Does Double Glazing Letchworth Work?

It’s made up of two panes with a gap of around 16mm between them. The gap – filled either with air, or with argon gas – is what creates the insulating barrier between inside and outside. Additional insulation can be achieved by installing uPVC window frames. The uPVC plastic is a poor conductor of heat, so it enhances the effect of the double glazing.

Double Glazing Keeps Heating Constant

When you have excellent insulation your heating works more efficiently. Once the ideal temperature is reached it will remain constant. The reduces the need to hike up your temperature controls. You’ll also find that when you leave the house for a few hours, it will still feel warm when you return. This obviously makes a difference to your heating bills. Our Letchworth customers have told us that double glazing makes a noticeable difference to their annual bill.

Additional Double Glazing Benefits

Of course, energy saving will always be top of the list, but our customers are always impressed by the range of benefits delivered by double glazing:

  • Cool Interiors in a Heatwave. Throughout last year’s heatwave our customers were enjoying cool interiors thanks to the insulation provided by their double glazing.
  • Reduction of Street Noise. Once double glazing is fitted you’ll immediately notice how much quieter your home is. Which is good for sleep and stress levels.
  • Increasing Your Security. Double glazing is almost impossible to break, or penetrate. It’s a great defence against opportunistic crime, therefore.
  • Durable and Low Maintenance. High-quality double glazing easily lasts for 35 years. And if you fit uPVC frames, you’ll need only a wipe with soapy water to keep them clean.
  • Eco-Friendly. We’re all looking for ways to save energy, and double glazing is a great way to do just that. You use less heat, which means a lower carbon footprint.

P&M Windows for Double Glazing in Letchworth

No matter the age, style or size of your home, P&M Windows will have the perfect frames for your property. All our windows are available in a range of finishes, and colour. Whether you’re searching for windows that are contemporary, retro, urban or period, we’ll have frames to meet your requirements. Our windows range includes:

Looking for a Double Glazing Installer You Can Trust in Letchworth?

P&M Windows has two decades of experience serving customers in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. We’re a family-run business that believes in offering a high-quality,  local service. That means that from the moment you contact us, we’ll be providing a personalised sales process. We’re always happy to come round to your home in order to offer advice, or guidance and we always offer free no obligation quotations.

If you’re considering fitting double glazing in Letchworth, give us a call today to find out more about our local windows installation service.