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Double Glazing Kempston

Double Glazing Kempston

double glazing Kempston

 Double Glazing Kempston

Travelling through Kempston, to the south of the River Ouse, may ‘feel’ like Bedford; it may ‘look’ like Bedford, but in fact it’s something quite different. Kempston is an independent town situated within the Borough of Bedford, and it proudly defends its independence from Bedford incursions. This salty spirit of defiance may be a legacy of its Saxon origins, perhaps, evidenced by the discovery of a local Saxon cemetery and – within it – a rare, unbroken glass Saxon drinking horn.

Whilst we’d like to say that the P&M Windows team have long been aware of Kempston’s independence, it’s unfortunately not the case. Our regular visits to this area tend to be characterised by detours to check out double glazing we’ve installed over the years. It delights us to note that even after a decade of wear and tear, our uPVC windows in Kempston are pristine.

Reasons for Double Glazing Installation in Kempston

We tend to get a number of calls from people in Kempston at this time of year. Many of them tell us they can’t go through another cold winter without high quality double glazing. A number of the homes we visit have old, or poor quality double glazing installed. Where this is the case, the insulation tends to be faulty, so heat escapes easily, and draughts let the cold air in.

P&M Windows fits uPVC windows which provide cost-effective, guaranteed insulation for your home. This high quality double glazing comprises two types of insulation:

  • Glass Insulation. Double glazing features two panes of glass with a void in-between which can be filled with either gas or air. It is this that provides the insulation by keeping warm air in side, during the winter, and maintaining a cool interior for your home in the summer.
  • uPVC Frames. uPVC is made up of a form of hard wearing plastic which is a poor conductor of heat. This means that it works as a second line of defence to the glass insulation, by ensuring that heat cannot pass through the frame to escape.

Double Glazing in Kempston Provides a Range of Benefits

First and foremost, Kempston clients with double glazing installed tell us that they can feel the difference throughout the year. Once heat builds up, it stays at a constant temperature, which means less gas consumption, and lower bills. This isn’t the only benefit of having double glazing, however. The superior insulation also blocks out external noise, and provides an extra layer of security for your home.

Attractive Double Glazing in a Range of Styles

Kempston, like any other area in Bedfordshire, is made up of a combination of period houses, new builds, heritage properties and retro-styled properties. We are happy to be able to guarantee that whatever the style and finish of your property, the P&M Windows team will be able to provide uPVC double glazing to complement it.

A Local Kempston Double Glazing Installer

We’re a Bedfordshire business serving the towns and villages across the county. We pride ourselves on offering a local, personalised service. What does that mean? If you need advice on double glazing, or help measuring up, well be happy to visit your home and provide specialist advice and guidance. We depend on your feedback for our reputation, so you can rely on P&M professionals to provide high quality installations, and friendly, professional customer service at all times.

Looking for double glazing in Kempston? P&M Windows is a local business offering high quality installations, repairs and replacement windows. Call us on 01582 391730


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