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Double Glazing Hertfordshire

P&M Windows Install Double Glazing in Hertfordshire

Double Glazing Hertfordshire

P&M Windows Install Double Glazing in Hertfordshire

Driving through the pristine Hertfordshire countryside it’s often difficult to believe that we’re just 30 miles from London. St Albans, Hertford  and Harpenden  are favourites for commuters and it’s easy to see why. The transport links are excellent, the schools, shopping and local resources are excellent, and the housing stock is varied to suit every budget.

For the P&M Windows team,  our favourite route through the county takes in the full range of our double glazing installations. Whether its double glazing in St Albans period properties,  or in Harpenden contemporary housing, we take pride in our good looking, stylish installations. Most pleasing are the double glazing windows we installed over a decade ago, which still look good as new.

Why Install Double Glazing?

Most of the enquiries we get about double glazing have been prompted by a desire to keep homes warm during the winter. Double glazed windows are made up of two panes of glass separated by a void which is filled with air or gas. It’s this void which provides excellent insulation in both the summer and winter.

P&M Windows Installs uPVC Double Glazing

The majority of the double glazed windows we install have uPVC frames. For insulation, finish and style they’re hard to beat. uPVC is a material designed to be a poor conductor of heat. This, in conjunction with double glazed panes, creates a powerful defence for your home against cold in the winter, and heat in the summer.

A Range of Benefits from P&M Windows Double Glazing Installers

Whilst insulation is the number one reason for our customers to install double glazing, there are a range of additional benefits it confers:

  • Sound Reduction: If you live on a busy road and suffer from sound leakage, double glazing offers a solution. The high quality seal keeps external noises out.
  • Easy Maintenance: uPVC windows are exceptionally easy to maintain. All they need is a wipe over with soapy water to keep their ‘good-as-new’ look for years.
  • Secure Windows. Doors and windows can be a vulnerability in your property, but P&M Windows installations include a security bar which reduces the risk of intruders.
  • Energy Efficient. Our uPVC double glazed windows achieve an ‘A’ rating as standard. This guarantees minimal energy loss, and lower energy bills for your home.
  • Long Lasting. Once installed your double glazing will last at least 30 years. This means that your initial investment will keep paying back in lowered heating bills over 3 decades.

Good Looking Double Glazing in Hertfordshire

The sheer range of properties across the length and breadth of Hertfordshire is dazzling, which is why we’ve extended our range to match the need. We can guarantee that, whatever the period, or style of your property, we’ll have a double glazed window that will complement it. We can also customise the frame using a variety of colours and finishes.

A Local Double Glazing Installer

P&M Windows is a local, family run business. We offer high quality installations, UK sourced materials, and great customer service. We’re happy to visit your home to measure up for an installation, and we’re locally available after installation if you need to contact us. Our installers are accredited, experienced professionals who will treat your home with respect, turn up when they say they will, and work efficiently to complete the job.

Looking for double glazing in Harpenden, St Albans or across Hertfordshire? Call P&M Windows, your local double glazing installers, on 01582 585417