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Double Glazing Harpenden

Thinking about having double glazing fitted? Take a look at our range of doors and windows.

Double Glazing Harpenden

Thinking about having double glazing fitted? Take a look at our range of doors and windows.

One of the brilliant things about selling double glazing to clients in Harpenden is that they already know so much about the subject! The P&M Windows team often report that one of the biggest benefits of double glazing is that it sells itself. This isn’t surprising, given that it was designed to make houses warmer, and bills cheaper. Here are the top 5 benefits our customers tell us about…

  1. It Keeps Your Home Warm in the Winter – properties with single glazing tend to lose between 50-70% of their heat through the windows. Double glazing insulates your property, ensuring all the heat stays in.
  2. It Keeps Your Home Cool in the Summer – double glazing continues to insulate your home in the summer, but with the opposite effect. It keeps the cool in and stops the sun’s heat from penetrating through your window glass.
  3. It Reduces the Cost of Heating Your Home – by keeping the heat in the house, your energy output drops. This is good news for the environment, and for your bills.
  4. It Puts an End to Condensation – in older homes condensation can be a major problem. It the cause of mould and mildew. Double glazing is designed to make condensation a thing of the past.
  5. It Reduces Noise Pollution – the two panes of glass, with a layer of air between, acts as an excellent insulator against outside noise. If you live on a busy road, or under a flight path double glazing can reduce noise pollution by 60%.

Double Glazing Harpenden

What is uPVC?

It’s unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC), a kind of plastic that’s a low conductor of heat. This makes it ideal as a framing material for double glazed windows. It has been rated as the most efficient framing material on the market by the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC). uPVC frames have the added advantages of being low maintenance, extremely durable and completely recyclable.

Our Range of uPVC Double-Glazing Harpenden

Why Choose P&M Windows For Your Double Glazing Harpenden?

P&M Windows has been installing double glazing in Harpenden for over a decade now. As a local business our reputation for excellent customer service is crucial, so we are constantly looking for ways to improve the experience we offer. We’re FENSA registered and we work with quality materials, sourced in the UK and highly rated for energy efficiency, security, and quality.

Affordable Double Glazing Prices

Happily we don’t need to subject our customers in Harpenden to a ‘hard sell’ because they are so knowledgeable when it comes to the benefits. They’re also likely to have come to us via a recommendation. We supply free, no obligation quotations on request, or you can access an instant online quote. Our installation team is always happy to talk through the pricing, offer advice, or answer your questions.

Thinking about installing or replacing your double glazing? Call us today on 01582 391730 to talk through available styles, pricing and installation times.

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