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Composite Doors Letchworth

Looking for High Quality Composite Doors in Letchworth?

Composite Doors Letchworth

P&M Windows Installs Composite Doors in Letchworth

Letchworth is unlike any other town in the UK. Why? It’s not the outcome of a committee, or government planning. Instead it’s the realisation of visionary entrepreneur Ebenezer Howard.

In the first decade of the 20th century, he imagined – and built – a town that would combine the economic benefits of urban planning, with the wholesome, health-giving qualities of country living.

The result is an elegant, quirky and totally unique town in Hertfordshire. P&M Windows takes pride in the fact that we’ve contributed windows and doors to Howard’s creation. We’re also delighted to be able to match the architectural styles of the early 20th century with state-of-the-art materials bringing the very latest insulating benefits.

Composite Doors are a Perfect Match in Letchworth

Composite doors are a great example of the meeting point between old and new technologies. The composite door combines a variety of materials to create a door that looks like wood but provides better performance. The mix of insulating foam, glass reinforced plastic, wood, and PVC is carried out under high pressure conditions to create a durable, and robust composite.

The Benefits of Fitting a Composite Door

The composite door was developed to overcome the flaws consistently occurring in single material doors – such as wood. They provide a range of benefits for homeowners in Letchworth, including:

  • Great Insulation. The carefully designed mix of materials in composite doors guarantee great insulation for decades. This represents an energy efficiency for your home and, of course, lower utility bills.
  • A Range of Finishes. Whatever the style or period of your home, you’ll find a composite door finish to match it. Our wood grain doors are particularly popular. They come in a range of through colours, meaning that you’ll never need to paint or ‘touch up’ again.
  • Low Maintenance. Wood doors need to be painted and varnished regularly if you want to keep them looking good. Composite doors require only a regular wipe over, and a dab of oil to the hinges.
  • Security. Our composite doors have a thickness of 48mm which makes them 10% thicker than most wooden doors. This increases insulation, but it also makes them more secure. They are also fitted with Secured by Design locking, for enhanced protection.

P&M Windows is a Local Letchworth Door Installer

We’re a local family business that’s built a word-of-mouth reputation in Letchworth going back more than a decade now. The P&M Windows team is known for providing second-to-none materials, excellent doors installation services, and a friendly, professional team. Should you need us to provide guidance on your choice of composite door, and measure up for you, we’d be happy to do so.

Take a look at the range of beautiful composite doors that we can install in your home. They’re designed in the UK, in Staffordshire, and made by a local workforce. All our doors are environmentally friendly. There’s no lead in the manufacture and all the materials can be recycled.

If you’re thinking of replacing your doors in Letchworth, take a look at P&M Windows composite doors range. Our friendly door installers team can offer advice and detailed guidance on 01582 585 417