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Composite Doors Hertfordshire

P&M Windows Fit Composite Doors in Hertfordshire

Composite Doors Hertfordshire

P&M Windows Fit Composite Doors in Hertfordshire

Whether we’re driving through Letchworth,  St Albans or Hitchin,  we can’t help noticing the growing number of composite doors on show. Of course, it doesn’t come as a surprise to us. We’re receiving more and more enquiries about installing them. What does impress us, though, is the sheer elegance of the design. Properties sporting composite door installations catch the eye of those passing, which is the kind of kerb appeal many of our clients are looking for.

What is a Composite Door?

As suggested by the name, the composite door is not made of a single material. Instead it uses a range of materials that combine to create a strong, weatherproof, secure door that has an exceptionally high thermal resistance. Consider all the problems that front doors have created for homeowners over the past 5 decades. The composite door uses innovative technology to create a solution to them all.

Composite Doors Resist Weathering

Even Hertfordshire has its fair share of extreme weather, from ice and snow in the winter to blistering heat in the summer. Wooden front doors, the most popular choice to date, are famously susceptible to warping. This is caused by ongoing humidity, heat and damp. A warped front door is likely to create draughts, and allow the heat from your home to escape.

Composite doors have a solid timber core, but they’re coated with thermo plastic door skins. It’s this coating that protects your door from the effects of weathering. They won’t warp, fade, or require regular maintenance. A composite door is designed to provide high quality insulation, and weatherproofing for decades.

Superior Thermal Efficiency

P&M Windows install composite doors manufactured in Staffordshire. They’re 10% thicker than others on the market, with a depth of 48mm. We’ve selected this model in order to be able to guarantee our clients superior thermal efficiency. This means that your door works like double glazing in your home. It keeps the heat inside during the winter, and resists high temperatures outside in the summer.

Security Conscious Composite Doors

Your front door is your primary defence against intruders, so it needs to be strong. Homeowners in Hertfordshire are reassured by the thickness of the design, and the solid timber core. This is reinforced, however with a strong frame and Secured By Design hardware and locks. The composite door ensures sturdy protection, enhanced by high quality, secure locking.

A Range of Composite Doors in Hertfordshire

Homeowners want a front door as distinctive as the home it protects, which is why composite doors are currently so popular. Not only are they design engineered for the contemporary world, they also come in a range of colours, styles and sizes. No matter the property age, or architectural design, P&M Windows can guarantee a composite door to suit.

We’re currently installing a number of composite doors in Hertfordshire that look to all intents and purposes as though they’re made of wood. This combines the traditional aesthetic with a solid 21st century design. We also install smooth composite doors in a range of colours, that can be customised to integrate with the exterior styling of your home.

About P&M Windows

We’re a family business that has been installing high quality doors and windows across Hertfordshire for over a decade. As a small company, we’re able to offer a personalised service, skilled, local professionals, and a schedule you can rely on. We guarantee all our work, offer free no obligation quotes, and always turn up when we say we will.

Looking for high quality composite doors in Hertfordshire? P&M Windows are local installers with a great reputation for quality and service. Call us on 01582 391730


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