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Composite Doors Bedford

P&M Windows Installs Composite Doors in Bedford


P&M Windows Installs Composite Doors in Bedford

Bedfordians tend to be particular about their front doors. We know this because the vast majority of enquiries we get about composite front doors in Bedford come off the back of detailed research that’s been carried out. The P&M team are always happy to recommend the composite door because we know that it offers an exemplary range of benefits, quite apart from looking stunning!

There are 4 questions that we tend to get asked regularly about composite doors in Bedford. We thought it might be useful address those question in our blog.

1. Are Composite Doors Better Than Wood?

The wooden front door is popular because it looks great, and traditionally it’s the material that we associate with defending the home. There are, however, two drawbacks to a wooden door. First, wood has a propensity to warp over time, which means that it has to be replaced more frequently than composite materials. Second, a wooden front door requires ongoing maintenance to keep it looking pristine.

Composite front doors can be finished to look like wood grain, and they have a sturdy timber core. The structure is incredibly durable, and requires only the lightest of maintenance to keep the ‘just fitted’ look. All a composite door requires is a wipe down with soapy water. Are composite doors better than wood? If you’re looking for durability and low maintenance – yes!

2. Can Composite Doors Be Painted?

The colour of a composite door is integrated into the Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP)  skin during the manufacturing process. This is done to keep the door looking good as new, and ensures that the colour won’t flake, chip or fade over time. If you want to change your door colour, it is possible to do so, but it’s a job for a professional if you want to retain the benefits of the original finish.

3. Can Composite Doors Be Broken Into?

A front door is all about keeping your family secure, which is why composite doors are designed to keep intruders out. They have a solid timber core, and a reinforced frame for solidity and strength. The thickness is 10% deeper than timber alternatives. This is coupled with Secured by Design hardware and locks which makes your composite door doubly secure.

4. Are Composite Doors Draught Proof?

Absolutely. The thickness (48mm) that contributes to the door’s security, also ensures excellent insulation for your home. The P&M installation team will install your composite door professionally which guarantees that you won’t experience any draughts, or sound leakage once it’s in place. If you have double glazing already, a composite door will enhance the energy savings you’re already experiencing.

A Local Installer of Composite Doors in Bedford

We’re a family business, based in Bedfordshire, that offer a personalised service to every single client. If you need us to measure up your composite door, or you require a non-standard fitting, we’re happy to help. And you know that once you’re door’s installed, you’ll be able to get hold of us easily if there are any problems. All our work’s carried out by skilled and experienced installers, and we guarantee every installation.

Wondering whether to install a composite door in Bedford? Call P&M Windows to find out how our local Bedfordshire team can help – 01582 585417