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Bedford Windows and Doors

Bedford Windows and Doors Installed by P&M Windows

Bedford Windows and Doors

Bedford Windows and Doors Installed by P&M Windows

There’s two things that everyone in Bedford will tell you. The first is that Milton Keynes pinches all the best shops from the Bedford High Street. And the second is that the beautiful Bedford riverfront, right in the heart of the town, is the county’s best kept secret. The P&M Windows team always enjoy a detour along the Embankment on our trips to Bedford, but we take equal pleasure in taking a look at the many uPVC windows and doors that we’ve installed across the town, over the past 10 years.

A Local Windows and Doors Installer

As a local Bedfordshire family business, we take pride in the network of customers we’ve built over the years in Bedford. Mostly it’s been by word of mouth; one customer’s recommended us to another – and so it goes. One of the reasons why we’ve gained so many new clients in the town, so we’re told, is the personalised service that we offer.

At P&M Windows we know that installing new windows and doors is a big investment. Our customers tell us that they use local companies because they want the support, and honest advice from us that they wouldn’t get from the bigger companies. We’re always happy to visit a customer’s home to measure up for uPVC windows in Bedford. Or we can check out existing windows to see if they can be repaired.

High Quality uPVC Windows and Doors

Our Bedford customers like the level of service they get from us, but they also appreciate the quality of our Bedford windows and doors. For the P&M Windows team, uPVC provides the best value for our clients for the following reasons:

Great Energy Efficiency. UPVC is designed to be a poor heat conductor. That means that uPVC door and window frames enhance the insulation offered by double glazing. They keep the heat inside in the winter, and outside during the summer.

Long Lasting and Low Maintenance. It’s always good to see that Bedford windows we installed 10 years ago, still look as good as new today! uPVC lasts up to 35 years, and it won’t lose its colour, or its sheen. And the maintenance is simple; it just needs a wipe over.

Competitive Prices. We recommend uPVC windows and doors because we believe they’re the best value for our clients. They’re cheaper than aluminium or timber, are easier to maintain, and will last longer.

A Huge Range of Styles to Choose From

As local professional window installers, we work with clients who own period properties, new builds, and properties built over the past 20-30 years. We can confidently say that our Bedford windows and doors range will have something to suit every single one of them. UPVC now comes a great variety of colours, textures and finishes and there’s a style to suit every taste and décor.

Take a look at what we offer:

Our uPVC window range includes:

Are You Ready to Call Your Local Windows and Doors Installer?

If you’re thinking of replacing your existing windows and doors, or you want a new look for your home, we’re happy to talk through the options with you. Our installers bring a wealth of experience to each job, and they’re able to give you expert advice on the kind of windows that would offer the best value for your property.

Thinking of replacing your windows and doors? Call the P&M Windows team on 01582 585 417 for local Bedford windows and doors installers.