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Bedford Double Glazing Companies

P&M Windows Install Double Glazing in Bedford

Bedford Double Glazing Companies

How to Choose From Bedford Double Glazing Companies

Finding a local double glazing company has never been simpler. Simply enter the search term ‘Bedford Double Glazing Companies’ and a whole page of them pop up. Choice is great, but just how do you choose between the numerous businesses Google offers up? It’s a question we get asked a good deal, so here’s our guide to choosing when there’s almost too much choice!!

1. Check Out Bedford Double Glazing Social Media

Whilst search engines are handy for turning up a crop of companies, social media gives you a clearer indication of their local reputation. Check out Facebook and Instagram accounts for pictures of local double glazing installations. Take a look through their recent posts to see if they’re engaged in local activities, or if they get shared by people in the area.

2. Take a Look at Bedford Double Glazing Companies’ Reviews

At P&M Windows we always advise clients to ignore everything a company says about themselves. A more effective way to judge a business is by its customer reviews. These should be available on the website, or on social media. Check out how recent they are, and look through them carefully. Picking up potential problems by reading the reviews can save you time and money further down the line.

3. Ask Locally for Recommendations

Google’s fast, but it’s not human. Installing double glazing is a major investment, so ask friends, family, work colleagues and local forums for word-of-mouth recommendations. Hearing that companies always turn up when they say they will, or that they’ll help with measuring up, are details that can help enormously when choosing which double glazing company to employ.

4. Give Bedford Double Glazing Companies a Call

It’s always tempting to use the email link offered by businesses, but phoning is a much better way to evaluate their service. A phone call allows you to test out whether the phone gets answered, first and foremost. You’ll also get a sense of how clients are treated from the way your call is responded to. Finally, you should ask some detailed questions to find out how queries requiring guidance or advice are dealt with.

5. Get More Than One Quote

You’ll have heard this advice before, but it’s worth repeating. Any double glazing company worth its salt will provide a free no obligation quote. Take 3 or 4 up on this offer and see what they come back with. Ideally, you’d want to see a detailed quotation, based on information you’ve given. If the quote looks ‘generic’ or hastily put together, you have a choice; you can ask for more detail or disregard it.

6. Check Out the Timeline

A business that’s invested a number of years in a particular region will have a reputation to maintain. Local businesses are popular with clients because they are easy to get in touch with, they need to keep their standards high, and they’re around if you encounter problems post-installation. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about this early on – you want to be sure that the company you’re dealing with isn’t a fly-by-night.

About P&M Windows

We’re a Bedfordshire business that’s been installing double glazing, and uPVC windows in Bedford or well over a decade now. Each of our installers has both the skills and experience to offer you high quality craftsmanship and excellent quality. All our windows are manufactured in the UK, provide A+ energy rating capability, and can be fitted to a huge range of finishes.

Looking for a Bedford double glazing company? P&M Windows offers a 6 step guide to finding a local company that offers the quality and professionalism you require. To find out more about what we do, call 01582 585417