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Aluminium Windows Hertfordshire

P&M Windows Install Aluminium Windows in Hertfordshire


P&M Windows Install Aluminium Windows in Hertfordshire

There are plenty of sights to catch the eye in the beautiful county of Hertfordshire. There’s the spectacular Roman amphitheatre in St Albans, the impressive Victorian gardens at Knebworth, or the 11th century castle in Berkhampsted. For the P&M team, however, the truly eye-catching attractions are the aluminium windows in Hertfordshire we’ve fitted over the years.

It’s easy to spot them; the elegant slimline fitting is a trademark, as are the large picture windows that this kind of frame is able to support. We like to check in on installations that go back a decade or more. And it delights us to see that the frames are still bright, and fresh – in fact they look as though they were installed in the last couple of years.

Demand for Aluminium Windows is Growing

Back in 2015 aluminium windows represented just 6% of the market, with uPVC dominating. According to a recent report, though, this is all set to change. By 2020 demand for aluminium windows is expected to grow by 3%, and installers are already experiencing a rise in enquiries. At P&M Windows we’re seeing the same trend, with more and more clients asking us about the benefits of aluminium windows, when compared with uPVC.

Aluminium Windows vs uPVC

uPVC windows have traditionally been our best sellers, primarily because of their competitive pricing and thermal effectiveness. Over the past few years, however, technological advances have meant that aluminium windows have become far more competitive – here’s our comparative guide to the two different kinds of installation.

1. Durability

Aluminium is a material that doesn’t degrade. Window frames won’t rust, lose their colour or change their appearance with the passing of time. The average lifetime of an aluminium window installation is 45 years. uPVC is also a long-lasting material but they tend to last 30-35 years, making them slightly less durable than aluminium.

2. Thermal Insulation

For many years uPVC was king when it came to thermal efficiency. The reason being that uPVC is a poor conductor of heat, meaning that warmth stays inside your house in winter. By contrast, aluminium is an excellent conductor of heat. Contemporary aluminium windows overcome this issue by fitting thermal breaks within the frames. This makes them equally effective when it comes to saving energy and keeping the bills down.

3. Kerb Appeal

The aluminium window provides a slimline profile, which offers a clean, minimal appearance to your home. They’re slimmer than uPVC and provide better sight lines. Aluminium is also strong enough to be able to support large panes of glass. This means that you can choose the styling for your home, without having to divide windows into smaller panes.

4. Huge Choice of Colour Finishes

Whatever the age, or architectural style of your property, we have a colour or finish that will match it to perfection. The range we offer includes brilliant reds, a striking bronze finish, pastel blue, traditional white of shimmering silver. Whether you’re looking for beautiful windows to complement period property, or contemporary build – we’ll have a stunning solution.

P&M Windows are Local Aluminium Windows Installers

At P&M Windows we offer a friendly, reliable service, with installers who are skilled, accredited and experienced. We’re a family business, and we deal with each of our clients personally. If you need us to help you measure up, we’re happy to come round to your home, and we offer free, no obligation quotes. Being a local installer means taking responsibility every step of the way – and that’s our promise to every single Hertfordshire customer.

Want to know more about aluminium windows installation in Hertfordshire? Call the P&M Windows team today on 01582 585417 for a full description of our services.