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uPVC French Doors for Your St Albans Home

Featuring seamless opening systems and easy to use hardware, our French doors are supplied by the market leading company Liniar. Your St Albans home can open out to enjoy the outside right from the comfort of your sofa. Explore our vast range of French doors at P&M Windows.

Our Liniar French doors never jam or become stiff with a multi-wheeled air glide system, even in many years. Every door we install comes with a pre-built brush that helps seep any small pieces of debris and prevents them from entering your property.

Our array of Liniar French doors is perfect for St Albans homeowners looking to increase the sunlight within their home. Ultra-slim sightlines and larger glass panes ensure that your home will be full of light – P&M creates a bright and airy living space throughout the year, no matter the season.

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Aluminium Windows St Albans

Aluminium Windows St Albans

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Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

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Liniar uPVC Bi-Fold Doors

uPVC Bi-Fold Doors

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Linear uPVC French Doors

uPVC French Doors

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Market Leading French Doors

At P&M, we want to ensure that every homeowner receives the very best quality French door available on the market. Liniar provides us with these uPVC doors to ensure exceptional service and highlight their pride in their doors; they excel in all areas of performance.

Each French door that Liniar supplies are manufactured in Britain, which means that your new installations will be reliable and trustworthy.

Additionally, French doors don’t just appear appealing, but they are also extremely thermally efficient. Due to its multi chambered structure, our French doors can boost your property’s heat retention and prevent cold draughts from entering the property. The incredible ability that our French doors hold enables homeowners to rely less on their central heating – cutting the overall cost of your energy bill in the long term.

Its cost effective qualities provide A+ energy ratings and benefit your home in the best ways possible. Ideal for eco-friendly homes, Liniar doors are 100% lead free, giving them a sustainable and healthier choice for your St Albans home. We can help you create the most efficient home to reduce your carbon footprint with fully recyclable properties. Do your part for the planet with P&M Windows.

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Stylish & Secure French Doors


P&M respect that each home is unique. Due to this, we offer various door styles, colours and hardware options; we give you the creative freedom to create a truly bespoke French door that perfectly complements the existing architecture of your property.

Lastly, the security features of our French doors are unrivalled. Our doors are tested to achieve the PAS 24, 2012 security accreditations during the manufacturing process. Because of this, you can feel the confidence that your home is getting the protection it needs for you and your loved ones to feel safe.

Features of Our Bifold Doors

Thermally Efficient

With a multi chambered design, your home can easily rap the heat in your home more naturally, boosting your home’s energy efficiency. Additionally, this gives you the option to cut the cost of your energy bills, working as a long term investment. Homeowners can upgrade to triple glazed fittings in their new French doors, reaching a U-value as low as 0.8. What more could you want?


We take pride in our valued customers' high levels of security and safety. We source French doors with superior levels of protection so that your St Albans home is kept durable and resistant all year round. With built in locking systems, your new doors can protect you and your loved ones for many years.

Slim Sightlines

French doors have slim sightlines, which means they can hold onto larger panes of glass compared to other conventional designs. This makes it the perfect choice for homeowners who want to increase the amount of sunlight within your property – we want to help you create an ambient living space throughout the year, and remember that you never have to compromise on appearance or design.

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French Door Prices in St Albans

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