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uPVC French Doors Hemel Hempstead

Energy efficient, secure and low maintenance, our Liniar uPVC French doors are designed for modern Hemel Hempstead homes.

French Doors in Hemel Hempstead

At P&M Windows, we’re proud to supply and fit fantastic French doors for homes in Hemel Hempstead. Our uPVC French doors can light up even the darkest of living spaces, with slimline profiles and full double glazing sections. French doors open as double doors, meaning you get a broader space to pass through. Not only that, more fresh air and natural light can enter your home when you want to open it up to nature.

We work with market-leading designer Liniar to offer high-quality uPVC French doors. Liniar’s highly durable profiles are the main difference – fully weatherproof, they’ll perform for decades to come. Liniar’s doors can also keep you safe from burglars and intruders. Your doors will resist forced entry attempts and other burglary techniques, which is why they have Secured by Design and PAS24 accreditations.

You can also style your new French doors around you. Our doors are available in open in and open out styles, and we can also offer a range of low and ultra-low thresholds. Finally, our customisable hardware gives you the chance to create a bespoke design. We offer unique glazing options, colours, accessories and hardware. Get in touch with P&M to install your French doors for less in Hemel Hempstead today!

Liniar French Doors

By working with Liniar, we can offer some of the best uPVC French doors on the market. For a start, their uPVC profiles can perform for decades. Liniar’s designs won’t fade away for decades, and they won’t crack, twist, rot, decay or discolour in poor weather conditions. As a result, your doors maintain their shape and their strength, and you won’t need to carry out any regular maintenance.

Our French doors are available in both chamfered and sculptured profiles for your home. Not only that, all of Liniar’s profiles are multi-chambered, allowing you to retain more of your home’s natural heat. Your new French doors will be able to keep cold air well away from your living space too. As a result, you’ll be able to cut the cost of your energy bills and even decrease your carbon footprint with our designs.

Finally, our French doors are fully customisable for your Hemel Hempstead home. With uPVC, you’ll get colour that lasts for years to come without any fading or wearing down. You can choose from a wide range of colour options including White, Rosewood, Cream, Irish Oak and Light Oak. Additionally, you can choose from one of our bespoke colour options, such as Chartwell Green, Grey and Black.

Liniar – The Best for New Build

The new build and development sector has been using uPVC windows for many years – they’re more cost effective, easier to maintain and offer higher ongoing energy savings. But did you ...

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Liniar French Doors

Liniar French Doors
Liniar French Doors
Liniar French Doors
Liniar French Doors
Liniar French Doors
Liniar French Doors
Liniar French Doors
Liniar French Doors
Liniar French Doors
Chartwell Green
Irish Oak
Golden Oak

Product Features

Security Shootbolts

By installing French doors for your Hemel Hempstead home, you can make it more safe from burglars and intruders. Our doors are fitted with high-quality security hardware, including our range of shootbolts. Shootbolts fit on the top and bottom of your door to lock it internally. As a result, you can make sure there's no way through for any burglars with our designs.

10 Year Guarantee

Our Liniar French doors won't crack, warp or discolour for decades to come. And, if there are any immediate problems with your new uPVC French doors, you'll be able to deal with it quickly and easily for your home. All of our doors are backed by a comprehensive 10-year manufacturer's guarantee. Because of this, you won't lose out if your doors aren't perfect.

Door Restrictors

If you care about preventing damage to your uPVC French doors, we have several features to help you keep them intact. One of our best optional extras is our door restrictor range, which prevents damage by stopping the door opening beyond a certain angle. By doing this, you can also keep your home more secure - the hardware inside our restrictors will keep its strength for decades.

Dynamic 2D Hinges

Even though we install French doors, that doesn't mean we can't draw from other cultures for our designs. P&M French doors can feature a premium range of Italian Dynamic 2D Door Hinges, meaning you get an ultra slimline design. You can style your door hinge to complement your new doors with ease, too. Our hinges are available in eight different stylish colours for your Hemel Hempstead home.

Cohesive Colour

Our RENOLIT foiled frames are the ideal way to add colour to your Hemel Hempstead home. Perfect finishing touches for our French doors, these foiled frames will be able to stand the test of time. Your new colours will be resistant to sun, wind, rain and frost, ensuring that any choice you make won't fade away after only a few years. Your doors will look their best long into the future.

Milled Threshold

At P&M, we can also offer our French doors with an exclusive milled frame-to-threshold jointing system for your Hemel Hempstead home. A system like this creates a sleeker design by eliminating the need for moulded plastic end caps. Your new doors will operate smoothly and have a streamlined shape, meaning they'll make a difference to your home. Get in touch with P&M to find out more!

Glass Options

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windows dunstable leighton buzzard
Charcoal Sticks™
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Benefits of Liniar

All Liniar Products are Made in Britain

Made In Britain

All our Liniar windows and doors are manufactured right here in Britain. When you choose our products, you can be assured of a quality, British design.

Thermally Efficient Windows

Energy Efficient

Featuring a multi-chambered uPVC profile, our Liniar uPVC windows and doors offer high levels of thermal insulation. They are designed to keep heat inside the home where it belongs.

Cost Effective Casement Windows

Save Money

Our uPVC Liniar windows and doors are very cost effective. Capable of achieving A+ energy ratings, they can help your home retain more heat and save you money on those costly energy bills over time.

Better for the Environment


Our Liniar profiles are 100% lead free, meaning they are a better choice for you and your family. They are also fully recyclable, giving you an eco-friendlier home.

Keep Heat Inside

Thermally Efficient

A six-chamber uPVC profile helps you to contain and conserve more heath within your property.

High Security

Strong & Secure

High security locking systems are fitted as standard for a safer and more secure home. Our windows and doors have also been independently tested and carry the PAS:24 2012 accreditation.

Less Frame, More Glass

Slim Sightlines

Our Liniar windows and doors are designed with less frame and more glass, giving you enhanced light and views.

Triple Glazing

Triple Glazing

Designed to accommodate energy saving triple glazing, our profiles are capable of achieving a U-Value of 0.8.

Low Maintenance

Low maintenance

Your Liniar windows and doors will never rot, rust or need re-painting. Their profiles are made for a lasting performance.

Consumer choice

Colours & Finishes

Choose from a wide range of window and door accessories, along with a beautiful range of colours and finishes.

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