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Aluminium Windows in Bedfordshire

Our aluminium windows are available in a wide range of window styles, opening options, hardware and colour choices, allowing you to choose the perfect combination to meet your exact needs.

All of our aluminium windows have been developed to deliver the perfect combination of stylish looks and heightened performance.

They have been designed to offer excellent weatherproofing, security and thermal insulation. Therefore, our Luton aluminium window systems allow you to enjoy the comfort of greater energy efficiency leading to lower energy bills and peace of mind that your possessions and family are safe.

Aluminium Windows:

  • Single & Dual colour palette options
  • Super Sleek Profiles
  • Strong & Secure

Aluminium windows are incredibly attractive – one of the hallmarks of aluminium. Their slim yet strong frames provide you with a clean aesthetic.

If you are looking for a seamless finish, then our aluminium windows are the perfect match for your property.

Aluminium Window Colours

We offer an unrivalled range of colours and finishes which accommodates both traditional and contemporary properties.

We have the perfect colour to suit every home in any location. You can choose from single & dual colour palettes, from striking shades of bronze and silver to brilliant reds and pastel blues. We also provide standard black and white options for a clean finish.

In addition to our extensive colour palettes, we offer varied coatings and finishes, including wood effect powder coating, colour powder coating (RAL, mottled and rough), anodised finish and even an anti-bacterial power coating.  Also, thanks to a dedicated paint line, we are able to offer a colour-match service for hardware and accessories.

Aluminium Windows

Product Features

Low Maintenance

Our Luton aluminium windows are highly weather resistant and will maintain their appearance and performance despite unpredictable weather conditions. They will not crack or warp over time and are extremely durable, retaining their shape for many years.

Thermally Efficient

Providing high thermal performance, the aluminium windows in Luton are one of the most energy-efficient systems on the market. They provide our customers with exceptionally low U-values of 1.5. Therefore, your property will stay at a consistently pleasant temperature all year round.

Huge Colour Choice

Our aluminium window colours will complement all types of property and décor. Their powder coating ensures a quality finish to the outer frame, putting an end to the chore of repainting. Available in virtually any colour, you are guaranteed a perfect match.

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